Cook - Dining & Health Services

The Cook is responsible for following company recipes in preparing assigned foods for clients and customers based on client needs and contractual obligations.
Must have basic math, reading and writing abilities.
Must be able to follow oral and written instructions.
Job requires accepting responsibility for the planning of menu activity.
Job requires employee to make judgments (ordering, scheduling).
Job requires employee to define problems such as over or under production.
Must be able to measure accurately and have sufficient dexterity to handle food and equipment efficiently and safely.
Must be able to lift a minimum of 30 pounds with minimal effort following required safety guidelines.
Must be able to bend or stoop frequently at many intervals during the day.
Must be able to twist and rotate 180 degrees during each day.
Must be able to see near and far.
Must be able to tolerate sudden and extreme changes in temperatures.
Must be able to follow the Health Standards of the foodservice industry.
Job requires employee to count or weigh items; add, subtract, multiply and divide; measure numbers, proportions and quantities of food products.
Must be able to stand for at least 8 hours a day.
Must be able to walk on concrete surface.
Must be able to reach short distances into the ovens to retrieve cooked products.
Job will require working under stress when confronted with emergency situations which working wtih speed is essential.
At least one year experience in volume cooking.
Knowledge of and experience in practicing proper safety standards in handling food and equipment.
Must be able to move hands skillfully in the cooking of products.
1. Follow all company and client policies, rules and regulations.
Be to work on time. In case of emergency report directly to your Manager in advance of regular scheduled starting time.
Report any problems immediately to the Manager or manager on duty.
Read and follow company/client safety policies and procedures, initials and records.
2. Responsible for preparing, cooking and portioning all menu items by following instructions on standardized recipes.
Check menus, prepare and cook items following standard recipes completing the cooking by serving time.
Prepare breakfast items for patient and cafeteria serving line by 7:00 a.m. This entails panning and setting up patient tray line and panning food for the cafeteria serving line.
Check temperatures of food items and logs before serving.
After line is served, remove leftovers and clean area.
Cover, date and store leftover food.
Pan all hot food for cafeteria line by 7:00 a.m. (for breakfast meal), by 11:00 a.m. (for lunch meal) and by 4:15 p.m. (for dinner meal).
Assist supervisor and Tray Line Utility Aide in setting up line.
Back-up P.M. Cook on patient line and back up food for cafeteria during the lunch meal.
Review menu for following day production by making a list of frozen items to be pulled.
Pull frozen menu items needed for following day production with the help of the Storeroom Clerk by 2:00 p.m.
3. Ensure that the serving/patient line is properly maintained.
Assist Supervisor and Tray Line Utility Aide in setting up the line.
Serve hot food on breakfast line.
Serve hot food on patient tray line.
Ensure that food items are garnished as specified by production work sheets and/or Manager.
After line is served, remove leftovers and clean area.
4. Maintain cooking area and equipment in a clean, sanitary, neat and orderly manner.
Handle food, equipment and utensils in accordance with sanitary and safety regulations.
Wash and sanitize all pots and pans after preparing meals.
Ensure that all areas are clean before leaving each day.
5. Maintain workplace professionalism
Support company decisions and policies even though you may personally disagree with those decisions.
Think in terms of what is best for the company.
Establish and meet realistic timetables for accomplishing goals.
Continuously evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of ongoing programs for which you are responsible and identify opportunities to improve these programs.
Display a friendly and positive attitude toward the job and other persons; perform job duties willingly and without complaint; attempt to understand and respond to needs of supervisor and co-workers; avoid making hostile or unproductive comments.
Maintain proper attendance. Report to work on time; provide sufficient notice to supervisory personnel prior to unavailability or lateness in accordance with company policy.
Dress professionally at all times.
Maintain a high level of confidentiality regarding departmental and company business; never releasing or discussing internal matters of a serious or sensitive nature outside the company or department.
Ensure that your supervisor is advised on a timely basis of potential problems.
Valley Services Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Don't Be Fooled

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